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Roccat Kone

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I'm Loving my new stuff on my desktop!!


This is how it looks like with icy blue...

And then it starts to change its colors....oh lovely!!

Getting another Razer and be part of the group?? nah.....Roccat is the new thingXD!!!

How come

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How come I have come to love you?
How come I've ended up like this?
How come I'm in such a distress?
How come I'm such a fool like this?

I never knew it would be like this
I'm tired again,just waiting for you
So many tragic guys around you
I didn't want to become one of them
I figure myself out when I'm watching you
I lost control of my firm mind

If you would just call me "oh my honey"
I'm there right before you with no hesitation

You're so beautiful and when I look at you
I get dizzy
You're so so mean you're smiling like you don't know anything

Everybody stops me, whenever we talk about you
But I can't control my feelings
Whenever I'm thinking about you, I'm always smiling
Even though I'm wondering day by day,
I can't figure you out

Just say it to me "oh my darling"
With all those guys by your side,
Don't you get fed up?

Even though I like you more than you like me,
Please don't be nasty,
It's crazy my heart gets bigger
What should I do?
I'm only in love with you
Please tell me that you love me too

How come you were born like that?
How come you've stolen my heart?
How come you've came up in my life?
How come you've made me love you?

Im smiling eventhough it hurts....

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I really find it s2pid...i guess i really am...

Am i all alone

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To me...friends are everything and my friends are important to me...but how many of them actually puts u as priority as you did?? how many treats u way special as how u treat them?? Being silent behind the scene is what im always been and ive seen alot... How many friends took granted and how many friends take advantages of you..

Is that wat life is all about??some friends are more extreme...they gain superiority of you and make u follow wat they say...

Till already friends around u that important or the loved ones that important??is ur girlfriend important to u as they might be the one and onli soulmate u'll ever get or your friends tat will be your friends until the end?? which wan will you choose???

Getting ur gf to noe ur friends may just be the solution....well at least that was wat i thought... ive been doing that due to examples ive seen but wat happens you and that girl cant make it...wat happens if u get dumped by ur gf and most of ur friends thinks its our fault??

and after that it seems that everything is fine and back to normal...your friends starts plans without u and soon enuf u find out those plans are with ur ex...and here i am all alone....the onli chance where i tot me and you can be like normal friends but the next thing i found out is that u cant take care of urself and i was told that is because of me...WTF??!!

I just feel awful and pain in the ass being here back in ipoh...i really dun wish to come back at times....i wish to just start all over again and be alone...sorry for all the ranting and self-pity but it just feels that way now...

how many are there to be ur side and how many will laugh at u saying...aiya...its like tat ge lar...and just went missing...

How hard can it be?

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this question always pop out in my hard can it be??it challenges you every single time you said it....and yea sometimes it can be very hard...and i fall so many times to take up this challenge...

how hard can it be to love someone that actually tells u that she's in love with another person?? how hard can it be to hear everything she said is about that person and ure there just beside her....

I seriously find it fucking hard... ive fall countless of times just to keep myself in one piece.. i guess the love isnt just enough...i do not know....the lil things that were inside me tells me that u'll come to me one day but i never know how long should i wait...

I missed u so much and yet...i dunno wat should i do.... i cant say i love you anymore coz it hurts me when i look at you thinking of another person...will i ever be in ur heart to stay and to be with u??

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im pulling out from this blackhole... it aint matter anot about waiting for you or not gonna be waiting whole life for you...sorry and im out of here...peace out girl...

believe it anot

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believe it or not i just cant stop listening to this song by lee hyori....wayyyyy to much to let go of this song............

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